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In 1980, IBM presented the first personal computer, and only 30 years later everyone has a PC, smartphone and/or tablet. In the 1980s, testing was still in its infancy, 30 years later we are talking about added value, apps, agile, cloud, continuous delivery, context and model-based testing.

Software has go to market faster and more reliably, but that is no longer possible if we continue to test in the old, familiar way. The world is changing and we have to change with it.During this event, we will pay attention to the changes in the field of testing and discuss how we can adapt our knowledge and skills to cope.

We are delighted to invite you all to attend the conference in Groningen on 21 November and help shape our future.</>

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What is The Dutch Testing Day (De Nederlandse Testdag)?

The Dutch Testing Day ('De Nederlandse Testdag') is an event where software test experts from industry and academics meet and learn from each others knowledge in the field of Software Testing.

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