It was great, thank you all!!


Valori and Capgemini would like to thank you for your interest in the Dutch Testing Day.

It was a great , in all respects.


Photo's : photo impression can be found here.


Downloads:  The presentations can be downloaded here.

Next years day will be organised by Eindhoven University.

If you want to be on the maillist: please Register.

 Egbert Bouman and Maurice Siteur (Organisation)



The 14th Nederlandse testdag was organized by Valori and CapGemini on November 27th 2008.

The theme is:

Test Research meets Test Practice.

The Dutch Testing Day (de Nederlandse Testdag) is a one-day, national symposium on software and systems testing, with participants from industry and academia. Because of the balance between both worlds in the program, the Testing Day has traditionally been a forum for sharing practical experiences and research results. In addition, the Testing Day also plays an important role as a networking event for professionals, researchers, and companies involved in testing.


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See you November 27th

Egbert Bouman and Maurice Siteur (Organisation)


Egbert Bouman
Egbert Bouman
Maurice Siteur
Maurice Siteur


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What is The Dutch Testing Day (De Nederlandse Testdag)?

The Dutch Testing Day ('De Nederlandse Testdag') is an event where software test experts from industry and academics meet and learn from each others knowledge in the field of Software Testing.

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