9:30 Inloop en koffie          
10:00 Welkom Hans Dekkers UvA, Spider   Oerknal  
  Keynote Prof. Dr.Tanja Vos; Bart Knaack OU, Professional Testing      
10:20 EUROSTIA Tim Koomen en Paul Custers NS Testing algorithms for big data Oerknal  
  Research meets Industry Dr. Pieter Koopman Radboud Universiteit GAST: Generic Automated Software Testing    
    Behrooz Nobakht HERE Validation and verification of real-time data pipelines on a massive scale    
    Alexander Elyasov Universiteit Utrecht T3: automated testing tool for Java    
10:50 Break          
11:05 EUROSTIA Jordi de Vos ING Testing non-functionals in a complex and rapidly changing application landscape Oerknal  
    Dr. Jan Tretmans Radboud Universiteit TorXakis: The Next Step in Test Automation    
    Kim Doyle PWC Methods to determine reliability of financial reporting data    
    Dr. Mariëlle Stoelinga Universiteit Twente Statistical user profiles    
11:40 Speed dates       Oerknal  
  Lunch       Oerknal  
  Tool market State of the art industry and research tools including: QASymphony, Axini, Xebia, Perfecto, Oerknal      
    Delphix, TestOptimal, TrendIc, TesterSuite, Bstriker ALTM, Statelearner, JTorX, TESTAR        
12:30 Start parallel tracks:          
  Test Automation Research to Industry Learning from each other Test techniques Tester in 2025 Workshop
  Oerknal Euler1 Euler2 Matrix L1.20 Beta lounge
  How to deploy daily with 30+ scrum teams? T3: automated testing tool for Java Methods to determine reliability of financial reporting data Guaranteeing reliability in a complex dynamic IT landscape How to test without requirements A new generation-T is born.
  Wietze Veld, Exact Alexander Elyasov, Universiteit Utrecht Zouhair Taheri, PWC Jordi de Vos, ING André Verschelling, ALTEN Arthur Jedeloo, HvA
            (30 minutes)
12:50 Test data management in an agile environment GAST: Generic Automated Software Testing An integrated quality process with your suppliers Testing algorithms for big data Test automation: the road to success  
  Jim Leitch, Oelan Pieter Koopman, Radboud Universiteit Fred Stengewis, KPN Tim Koomen en Paul Custers, NS Jos van Rooyen, Bartosz  
13:10 How to select the optimal mix of test cases TorXakis: The Next Step in Test Automation Not all risk is equal Big Mistakes with Big Data Testing the real thing in the classroom  
  Johan van den Berg, ASML Jan Tretmans, Radboud Universiteit Leonid Borodaev, Thesis Parasoft / RUG Roland Leusden, Praegus Natalia Silvis-Cividjian, VU  
13:40 Tool market       Oerknal  
  Speed dates       Oerknal  
14:20 Implementing large-scale automated testing solutions Statiscal user profiles Test challenges at air traffic control Testing Robots; testing OF robots & testing WITH robots!! Information needs of testing teams in collaborative cloud environments What to teach our students about Software Testing? Structured group discussion
  Viktor Clerc, Xebia Mariele Stoelinga, Universiteit Twente Gerold Ralf, Air traffic control Rik Marselis, Sogeti Davide Spadini, SIG Hans Dekkers, Freek Verbeek, UvA, OU
14:40 A unique decision matrix to select the right test automation tool for you TESTAR - Automated Testing at the User Interface Level Behaviour Driven Development: enabling product owners to write the test scripts True pain of going multi core Trace Coverage Strategy for Symbolic Transition Systems  
  Olga Shupak, Perfecto Stijn de Gouw, OU Adonis Stanislas, Cognizant Martijn Rutten Ardavan Ghaffari, Thesis UvA / Axini  
15:00 Tailored test automation in a CI environment Application of Genetic Algorithms for Automated Crash Reproduction How Amazon ensures quality The Green Lab - testing software for energy efficiency    
  Susanna van den Haak-Petruccelli, Mozhan Soltani, TU Delft Chris Gerpheide, Amazon Giuseppe Procaccianti, VU    
15:20 Break          
15:40 ING thesis award Freek Verbeek / Joost Bosman OU, ING   Oerknal  
  Keynote Machiel vd Bijl Axini   Oerknal  
16:00 Drinks       Oerknal  



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